Luxury vinyl flooring


Vern's Carpet also carries the best in waterproof flooring

Now you can have high design and high function at the same time with waterproof flooring. A great benefit of having high style in a functional flooring, is the ability to create a seamless design that flows from one room or area, to the room or space adjacent to it.

Waterproof flooring is available in both stone and wood replicas. This flooring is made for beach flip-flops, soaked rain boots, and wet dogs. It is 100 percent waterproof and lasts forever. Waterproof flooring looks like stone or wood, but neither are found in the composition.

Waterproof flooring emulates the top colors and species of wood, as well as various concrete and stone visuals. You get the look of these flooring choices without the high maintenance. It is luxury vinyl flooring with a hard surface and a rigid waterproof core. The thickness of the tiles and planks is responsible for the durability of waterproof flooring.

Installation of waterproof flooring

The installation technology is a locking system that is easy to install. Verns Carpet prefers to install the waterproof flooring for you. Even customers on a tight budget should seriously consider letting our professional installers lay your waterproof flooring. The staff is trained to install the flooring expertly and when promised. You will avoid making mistakes, as well as saving time and money. Spills are inevitable. Waterproof flooring keeps liquids from seeping beneath the surface, which eliminates one item on your list of things to worry about. It looks like ceramic, stone, or wood, but can be installed in places those flooring options cannot. High-definition printing is used to create a highly authentic-looking tile or hardwood. Waterproof flooring conceals imperfections in the subfloor. The waterproof qualities make it perfect for high-moisture areas such as mudrooms, bathrooms, and basements.

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Some of the other benefits of waterproof flooring

  • No acclimation time
  • Sound resistant
  • Resists mildew and mold
  • Installs over nearly all existing floors
  • No underlayment needed

We are your source for waterproof flooring. We service customers from Ada, Crookston, Fertile, Fosston, and Thief River Falls. If you live outside this area and want waterproof flooring, either visit our Fertile, MN showroom, or give us a call for an in-home measurement.