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Shop Some of the Best Hardwood Flooring at Vern's Carpet!

Are you thinking of adding new hardwood flooring to your home? If you are, you surely want to get the best quality wood flooring, at the best pricing. At Vern's Carpet in Fertile, MN, we have a wonderful selection of high-quality hardwood flooring for you to choose from, and we would like to share a few facts about our products with you here.

Our hardwood flooring systems come from Mohawk Industries. This company has been producing some of the finest flooring for over a century now, and they continue to do so today. Our selections of hardwood flooring include both solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring. This means that we can serve all those who come to us for
new wood flooring, regardless of the construction type. We have over 120 different options in both solid and in engineered flooring, with a total number of 249 wood floors to offer our customers.

This is truly one of the largest selections in this area, and we have worked hard to bring in such an impressive inventory. Because we offer this many options, we also offer our customers wood flooring in all of the color tones one can imagine. Our flooring can be installed virtually anywhere in the home (depending on the type of flooring you choose), and we have some of the most attractive collections from Mohawk that you will find anywhere available to you.

We also have virtually all of the wood species you can think of, including elm, maple, oak, hickory, tigerwood, and walnut, to name only a few. Again, with this many options available to our customers, we believe we can fit any need or budget.

If you want to see one of the finest selections of hardwood in this area, come by Vern's Carpet in Fertile, MN and let us show you what we have!

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