How to remove your old carpet

Even the best carpets wear out after a while, and before you know it, it’s time to get a whole new carpet. But to save yourself some money, it’s best to take out your old carpet yourself. Here, then, is our step by step guide on how to remove your old carpet to make way for your new one.

  • Assemble your list of materials needed – namely, a utility knife, duct tape, gloves, dust mask, pliers, a crowbar, and a hammer.
  • Before you remove the carpet, be prepared that you will have to check the subfloor for any leaks or cracks. If it should happen, when you remove the carpet, that you DON’T have a subfloor (it’s happened), you’ll definitely have to install a whole new one before getting your new floor put in.
  • You will also have to remove the padding under your old carpeting – new carpeting gets new padding, plain and simple.
  • Start taking out the carpet from the corners of the room, not the middle. Taking out the carpet from the corners will make it easier to lift up and remove.
  • Watch out for the tack strips – the wooden bed of nails that hold the carpet in place. These little things have caused more large-scale injuries than anything else in the carpet removal process.
  • Cut your uplifted carpet into 6” x 6” squares. Anything larger, and it will be impossible to carry out.
  • Use duct tape to put the pieces of cut-up carpet together, then dispose of all materials properly, taking care to pay attention to your local ordinances about heavy garbage pickup, hazardous waste removal (if applicable) and so on.
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