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How to Remove Your Old Carpet

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Even the best carpets wear out after a while, and before you know it, it’s time to get a whole new carpet. But to save yourself some money, it’s best to take out your old carpet yourself. Here, then, is our step by step guide on how to remove your old carpet to make way for your new one.

  • Assemble your list of materials needed – namely, a utility knife, duct tape, gloves, dust mask, pliers, a crowbar, and a hammer.
  • Before you remove the carpet, be prepared that you will have to check the subfloor for any leaks or cracks. If it should happen, when you remove the carpet, that you DON’T have a subfloor (it’s happened), you’ll definitely have to install a whole new one before getting your new floor put in.
  • You will also have to remove the padding under your old carpeting – new carpeting gets new padding, plain and simple.
  • Start taking out the carpet from the corners of the room, not the middle. Taking out the carpet from the corners will make it easier to lift up and remove.
  • Watch out for the tack strips – the wooden bed of nails that hold the carpet in place. These little things have caused more large-scale injuries than anything else in the carpet removal process.
  • Cut your uplifted carpet into 6” x 6” squares. Anything larger, and it will be impossible to carry out.
  • Use duct tape to put the pieces of cut-up carpet together, then dispose of all materials properly, taking care to pay attention to your local ordinances about heavy garbage pickup, hazardous waste removal (if applicable) and so on.
Here at Vern’s Carpet, we offer the best selection of new carpets for all of your flooring needs. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today and let’s see what we can do for you! There’s no job too big or too small!
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Retro Wallpaper

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Before we get started, we need to explain something: there is a huge difference between retro wallpaper and dated wallpaper. If your wallpaper harkens back to a simpler time, it’s retro. If your wallpaper hasn’t been changed since Clinton was President, it’s not retro…it’s dated.

Now that we got that out of the way…if you’re in need of a fresh look to your otherwise tired décor, consider retro wallpaper! Here are some patterns to consider when updating your walls:

  • Leaves. This fall inspired pattern – especially with foil accents – is a great look for a family room or kitchen. Honestly, any nature-inspired wallpaper is considered “retro” and a great look!
  • Deco. In the 1920’s, the art deco look was the fashion of the year. Now, nearly 100 years later, it’s coming back around again. The most common pattern? Diamonds.
  • Vibrance. If you’re brave enough to go with bold colors, consider vibrant wallpaper. Reds, oranges, and greens are all great, and vibrant, colors to consider for your wallpaper.
  • Metallics. Don’t go full mirror ball with the wallpaper – just consider a matte gold, silver, or bronze color.
  • Wallpaper-as-art. Rather than cover the whole wall with wallpaper, consider a small square of wallpaper as a work of art.
  • Feminine style. Anything that has a typical “feminine” touch – flowers, Romantic colors – can provide a good, retro feel for a bedroom.
  • Black and White. A timeless color combination that never goes out of style, when you incorporate this color combination into your wallpaper, it will bring a nice retro feel to any room (but it’s particularly great for a bathroom!).
What’s your favorite retro look? Are you ready to incorporate retro into your home improvement project? Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation! There’s no job too big…or too small!
Blog > The Do’s and Don’ts of the Man Cave

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Man Cave

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Ready to build a special place for your special man? Here’s the do’s and don’ts of the man cave!

A man cave is that special place your special guy goes to when he doesn’t want to be bothered from the world at large. Chances are, if your home doesn’t already have a man-cave, your man will be hounding you for one in no time.

So if you’re ready to create a man-cave for your man, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts to consider before beginning construction:

  • DO choose an area that’s under-utilized for your man’s man-cave. A spare bedroom, a small den, a solarium, and/or a finished basement are all good options.
  • DON’T hide in your man-cave 24/7. A man-cave is a space for a man to enjoy some alone time, not shirk his responsibilities as a friend, professional, husband and father.
  • DO consider stylistic choices for your man-cave. If you have a particular hobby (such as wood-working) or like a particular team (such as the New York Giants), feel free to incorporate your personal tastes into the man-cave. It’s yours, after all!
  • DON’T overdo it with the theme. Just as an overly-matchy dining room looks silly – or a left-field theme in one room of the house throws the entire look off – a man-cave that is, say, wall-to-wall Miami Dolphins memorabilia is going to look ridiculous.
  • DO have a set of rules for your man-cave…and make them fun! For example, have rules like “entrance fee is one bag of sour cream & onion chips,” “no rom-coms,” and “sexy times are perfect for the man-cave.”
  • DON’T take the man-cave so seriously that it starts to jeopardize the rest of your relationships.
We can build a custom man-cave for you or your special man! If you’re ready to get started, BROWSE OUR SELECTIONfor some design inspirations, or CONTACT US TODAY for a free, no obligation consultation!
Blog > The Do’s and Don’ts of Window Treatments

The Do’s and Don’ts of Window Treatments

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Choosing the right window treatment for your home is no easy task, especially when there’s a home improvement project that seems to drag on and on. But the right window treatment can easily make or break a room, so here’s our list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to finding the right window treatment to cap off your home improvement project.

  • DO Start From the Top. Hang your window treatments from the highest point in the room – usually, the ceiling.
  • DON’T Worry About Size. Curtains need to be double the width of the windows they’re purporting to cover. It’s okay for the coverings to be “billowing.”
  • DO Give Each Room Its Own Treatment. You can keep the color tones similar, but insofar as actual window treatments, it’s best to put different window treatments on different windows in different rooms of the house. You don’t want the house to look like a hotel.
  • DON’T Go Crazy With The Fabric. Keep the fabric simple and clean. Don’t put fabric on the windows, the walls, the valence, the skirt…
  • DO Consider The Best Fabric For Your Home. It’s not just the décor you have to consider – where do you live? Do you live someplace where there’s a lot of sun? A lighter, easy-to-clean fabric (such as cotton or linen) may be your best bet. Do you live in a colder climate? High-density fabric, such as velvet, is probably a better option.
  • DON’T Underestimate The Importance of Window Treatments. Simple aluminum blinds do not a window treatment make – those exist simply to keep the sunlight from blaring in your face as you’re trying to enjoy a meal or sleep off a hangover. Curtains are just as important to the beauty of a window, so do yourself a favor and invest in some.
Do you need some more ideas on how to install a proper window treatment? CHECK OUT OUR FINE SELECTION of products!

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